Fully Alive
Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO and you are 9 SWEEPS old and GOD TIER. You have long since completed both games and enjoy your victory on a transit between EARTH and ALTERNIA. Your time abilities allow you to go quit the number of places and you don't stay in one for long. You are happy to be ALIVE.

M!A status: n/a

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The brightest star
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> You would attempt to do grub things, but what are even grub things? You just glance around your apartment in confusion and then kind of flop on your back. You take interest in your feet and wiggle all of those little legs around while waiting for something interesting to happen.

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    You concentrate on her actions as she goes about focusing on the ball. It then sparks an idea in your little pan and you...
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    You bring your chin to the floor, rear in the air and almost wagging as the ball rolls towards you. Once it comes within...