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Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO and you are 9 SWEEPS old and GOD TIER. You have long since completed both games and enjoy your victory on a transit between EARTH and ALTERNIA. Your time abilities allow you to go quit the number of places and you don't stay in one for long. You are happy to be ALIVE.

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wow hey guys i know its been a pretty long time since i hopped on here and did any actual rping

ive mostly been resting on my personal if any of you care to follow me there 

what happened is i hit a big wall with my aradia RPing and a lot of my fellow RP partners have either dropped their characters, went on a short hiatus, or reset their characters completely

so i found myself with no direction for my aradia


i am going to be moving to a new account shortly with a few minor changes to aradia

her timeline will be the same, i will keep character relations (those who are still around), but she’ll have both her arms and be generally fine yeah. 

i guess a better explanation would be that she’d keep her matesprit (due to the general activity) and memories concerning them, yet shed no longer have her moirails because Sollux was dropped and I need to talk something over with karmun. she’ll forget the stuff concerning them bluh bluh

if you want a relationship preserved please please drop me a message before i give ara a slight little reset 

i just need to move and get a fresh blog and set some stuff straight 

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i didnt mean to disappear on everyone
its not my turn to do that haha!

i just got caught up in some things and i have a story to tell all of you!

sollux is gone
and hes not coming back

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D —> That is problematic
D —> Because I do not really have a place
D —> I am in the void, no dream bubble
D —> Etc

well then i do believe my place would be better!

if you dont mind working on me in an apartment complex  

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viscusmagus started following you

hello meulin!

sorry i did not say hello sooner
i got caught up in some things 

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what the hell is








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D —> Where ever is most convenient for you
D —> I have a great deal of time on my hands

D —> Um
D —> No pun intended

would your place be more convenient because that is fine for me

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There is a point where the lights get to you and your head goes haywire and you’re lost for a moment, leaning against her door with tired eyes and a pump that don’t beat right. It isn’t until she opens the door that you sort of stumble into an upright position and work your eyes around to focus on her as if they’re just rattling loosely in your skull.

You don’t see the point though, because the minute she opens the door, she’s all into your chest and your arms are all over her stature and your nose is pressed into her neck and you keep her there for a while like that because it happened so fast that you don’t even comprehend it. Her neck is soft against the crook of your sniffer and you just inhale her for a moment. Smells like something clean that you can’t put your finger on, something pure that you’re sure you shouldn’t be touching, but you can’t help but to squeeze her as tightly as you can without snapping her like a fucking twig in your arms because god damn, you will never deny how much you missed her, too.

“Baby girl,” you’re muffled in her shoulder. “Baby girl.” You try to form words. “Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl.” You fail miserably.

If you had the right kind of push in your heart for things like this, you’d think that maybe this is a good time for your eyes to be leaking your woe. Unfortunately, you don’t. But you hope you can show her how much you still love her without shedding a tear, and more so, you hope she’s down with that.

A minute or so passes of the both of you just love-strangling one another but it takes about that long for something in your dome to click and tell you that under the mess of limbs, something ain’t right, and that you got more touch on her than she does to you. You think, girl, are you afraid of me? Have I even become that motherfucking hard to grasp at?

So you open your eyes and furrow your brows and pull up for a second to get a look down at her. She’s so fucking beautiful there in her bright eyes, all dolly and happy at you and you forget what you’re doing again because you want to hold onto her, but it’s when you go to grab her arm—maybe ease her into holding you first—that you halt, because there is nothing there but space and sleeve.

You grasp higher and higher in the spot where her arm ain’t until you reach the shrouded nub of where her shoulder would meet bone if there were anything there to join. And then you freeze, look baby girl right in the doll eyes and croak her name like you’re a wiggler seeing death for the first time.


Your face is pressed flat against his chest and you would’ve kept it there if not for the need to breathe, so you settle for having your cheek there instead. He’s got this odd scent to him almost like salt water, but it’s actually not so foreign of what you usually remember him as smelling like. He must have just got to thinking by the sea more often than he did before, and that’s alright despite how you recall his dislike of sitting by the shoreline. Maybe he just wasn’t close enough to touch; you can reek of anything if you’re near it long enough. You almost laugh at the thought of smelling like candies and pumpkin pulp. 

His nose practically tickles your skin as it nudges against your neck while he gets familiar with you again. You didn’t go and change all that drastically and you figure he’s probably happy seeing that. There’s not all this different Aradia he has to meet over again like some kind of stranger knocking on your door for the first time. Holding you should be enough memory to fill his pan and make him say your little name variations like no time has passed between you. Like he was never gone all this time. 

He’s thinner than you remembered. Tracing your fingers along the area where your hand is resting lets you get a new feel for him, and he’s made up of more sharp angles now than you felt on him before. He’s not skin and bones, he never really was, but you’re sure if you shook him you could hear his skeleton rattling around in clicking echoes just underneath the grey. You’d scold him for that one later, not out of anger but out of worry for his health. Noticing your fingers are lingering along his frame a little suspiciously, like you’re studying him, you fold them underneath your palm in a fist. You wish you could hold him tighter but you’ve only got one arm for holding. You’re pressed to him as tight as can be. Ain’t much more holding you could do with your limited resources here. 

Baby girl. It’s the sweetest, muffled melody to your ears right now, making your pumper hit all the right notes. You don’t even mind if he’s struggling to say anything else. He doesn’t have to. Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl. That’s enough.

There’s nothing wrong in your world right now because it’s just you and him, but maybe if you weren’t so oblivious you could get a clue and notice something was amiss. It doesn’t hit you when he starts to untangle his arms from you, it doesn’t hit you when you’re suddenly pulled back, and it doesn’t hit you when he’s looking at you so funny, so concentrated. You just raise your eyebrows and tug up the corners of your lips to seem a little brighter, like your smile will cure whatever is causing him this internal distress. But then his hand moves to your sleeve and he grasps for something that isn’t there.

Then it hits you. Your expression drops and you watch him finger up your sleeve in this saddened state of curiosity. He moves higher and higher until he gets to the end and you know he’s upset with the way that he touches you. You know he’s upset because you get a good look at his face next and he just looks scared. Your heart drops to your stomach and then shatters in two with the way he says your name next. Your whole name. It could make you cry. 

"It’s okay," You start and try to calm down the mess before it even begins. "Really, I’m fine! You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s no one’s fault. Well, maybe my fault, but that’s the price you pay for being adventurous sometimes, right?" 

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Oh geeze. A while ago I wanted to enter the homestuck music contest, then I realized the type of music I make and the type of music Hussie likes are, to put it lightly, not very similar. But I still had the idea for Aradia and all her clones singing an Andrews Sisters style, creepy accapella thing so I…made a rough of it anyway. 

Yeah…not sure why I’m sharing except if I weren’t me I’d want me to post it. Unfortunately I am me, so…dang.

Ah yes I really love this

remindin evveryone howw much i lovve this gosh

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